Wednesday, April 09, 2008

olympic torch relay San Francisco 2008

i was there. The city was a'buzz. Got there late for pre-party lunch, 1240 when the shindig starts at 1300, and massive crowds already a'formin'. Lunch partner states that noise has been going on since mid morning and craziness was already in the air. Not in their eyes, though, it was kind of mellow, in regards as someone hoping that as this torch relay, in our hood would be to the world, the Olympics, all the other cities that protested, tore down the flame or stood peacefully smiling holding the safest flag to fly, that this would be ours to theirs, this would be our Altamont to their Woodstock. Free on the streets my feet traveled, around the corner for a bit, passing by a Van Ness sign in an MuniTranny 50-50 bar. Should've stopped their, but had to get in depth look at the crowds and the reaction. Waves were slamming, many flags together, away from the area. Why? Boredom. Asked both sides of the flags, "Did it happen so fast?"; "Well, whatever was supposed to happen, happened, and now its over". Undaunted, plunged deeper into the morass. China flag camps here, what I assume to be Tibetan flags in camps over there. Way off in the corner were green flags and t-shirted people, which it turned out to be Darfur saviors. Then the Burma freedom people walked by. Everybody was freeing and saving many countries. Guess they all felt good about it. they all had different chants, some in languages unknown. there was little shoving, the main reason to be here. it was as the rush watching a fight start, but when nothing comes of it, as though it effected the performance between the sheets. These angry protesters laughed and walked away from each other, without blood exposed. This was the pattern that repeated. Just to kick things up, "Let's Go Oakland, Let's Go!". Everyone has a cause, Oakland's mine. A's; Raiders, Warriors. Because this was all pointless. Maybe pointlessness is the point of the Olympics. Sport for sport sake. Politic for its own sake, money for the sake of money. How about, since none of the Olympics is to be political, why can it also not be commercial, for just one day out of the average two weeks, how about all the money that's funneled through this event towards advertising, for one day take that money and ensure everyone on this planet has food available to eat (and possibly provide a greater later advertising marketing, and selling market)? Big companies would look good. IS a PR stunt of greater market impact than a TV ad on Astound Cable? Anyway, it was there, and people of all shades were miffed.

Changing the parade route - we heard this may happen. What's the point? What's the point of having a public event, but not want anyone to see it? Senseless, again, the returning theme.


Blogger shasta daisy said...

You were there and part of it.
Whatever is was.........

April 13, 2008 at 4:55 PM  
Blogger shasta daisy said...

I meant to say...
Whatever IT was.
Guess it makes sense both ways.

April 13, 2008 at 4:59 PM  

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