Saturday, June 16, 2007

to be sung with :

Cars passed down the town thoroughfare, silently. The summer heat belted the asphalt. Crystal Chris makes his money spinning a business sign on the corner. The cars whip silently through the heat. The heat. The hot. The Inferno. Crowd of cars get together. Crowds get together. Cant see, if, they’re the good guys; can’t see, if they Rotaries, or Tweakers, Can’t see, if they’re, they’re anything to be bespectacled on this Friday night.

When suddenly, Crystal Chris, gets the feeling like he’s being surrounded by horses, horses, forces, coming in, in black and white, siren screaming, he saw forces, horses, pitchforks and knives, fancy cars and shopping carts, horses, horses, all the people, good and bad, rich and poor, he saw, masses, masses, coming in, in all directions,

Do you know how to eat? Do you know how to drink? Do you know what to drink? Well, it looks like this: .A silver can and you know how to smoke? Or do you chase the dragon? What’s wit the needle? Do you like to slam? Do you like to slam? And Mr. Dylan says, “Blam De Dam”

Gladiolus, my sword, flowers dying and passing in the subtle wind. The wind blew, wooden wind chimes, screaming, mad Marie, jumping up, Franciscan choir, singing “Horses”,, in the dead summer breeze, the singing forces forces, something unintelligible, but screaming it louder. . .louder. . . .

There’s a funky little place, it’s an open space, it sits on the corner, of Clayton and Treat. It’s a home, it’s a resting place. For a handful of homeless people, looking for hope, looking for hope, do you look for hope, well, I look for hope, and I found some hope. On this funky little space. With some rock and some rubble. Empty space, Vacated space. Polluted space, an empty gas station, waiting by an angry line of traffic, waiting for someone, to pick up this derelict dog.

Go Rimbaud
Go Rimbaud
Go Baudelaire
Go Bukowski
Go Morisson
Go Apollo
Go Apollo!

What became of the protagonist? The lot is eerily silent now


Blogger s. daisy said...

sang it with patti...

June 19, 2007 at 7:14 AM  
Blogger Blue Girl said...

You're amazing!!

July 10, 2007 at 11:27 AM  

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