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Thursday, December 30, 2004

your mama

and another thing. I hate the military. I was lucky to have my father beat my ass before i was to make the mistake and enlist. "But dad, our government tells us the bad guys are pulling babies from incuabtors, burning churches, massacring women and children". The governemnt lies. and the military, those poor slobs, expecting VA benefits from the country the worked for? ever hear of the bonus march on washington? what a piece of shit! the government ho slaps its own! and tho i totally disagree with the lie of 'truth justice, and the american way", i disagree about our cause to war, i disagree with saul about "contractors", i still know that no one will ever care

the old drunkard's motto : No one knows and no one cares

i hate fucking christmas, bfd. But it's time that i stepped out of myself for a minute, maybe you should too. Complain about the rain, the farting dogs, the household chores, whatever. There is that terrible tsunami that killed tens of thousands of people. imagine, a hit rock concert, up, lifted, and smashed back down to the ground. A co-worker told me some americans were killed too. The american poplation in the death toll was just a drop in the bucket, registering maybe a whole percentage point. BFD. People are killed and that sucks. What's worse, aside from the rampant cholera that will spread around there, a place that's already too poor to piss, will be the donation scams, donate money to the victims so that some sheister can live on a yacht. I lost my coffee and my train of thought.
Another shitty thing : I rap with this guy over in afghanistan, saul, messing with the military in some context or another, check his site out http://cantbelieveivolunteeredforthis.blogspot.com/
anywho, it's freezing and snowing and butt ass cold over there. mucking around in frozen mud. worried about generators for survival, i pray for him to get home. Hell, if God reads this blog, I pray that all suffering ends. Give me a year full of rainy days and full kitty litter boxes, but no huge death tolls, no more wars. This world is stupid!

Friday, December 24, 2004

devil may care Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

what's jesus got to do with you (santa)

scott peterson

you want to know my take? Scott peterson sentenced to die? First the case against peterson was shoddy at best. Circumstantial evidence. Bungled police work. Bungle prosecution work. The prosecution didn't even have faith in their own work, so they offered up a lesser charge of second degree murder just so they could get any conviction on him. hell, they would have been satisfied if they could find him guilty of a parking violation. Surprisingly enough, peterson got first degree. Women smelled blood! They wouldn't have been satisfied with anything less than first degree murder and death. During the reading of the guilt phase verdict, there was a hooting and a hollering. what crap! And with the first degree iyt normally goes, Death. so be it. I never get the good feeling of death in my name. The quotes in the paper state that the jurors were swayed by scott peterson's lack of emotion to be the determinate of guilt. hell, he was already judged guilty by the public even before he was arrested. The public wanted a roasting. And so now all women are diddling themselves in a fury over this, even worse then meth addled suburbanites in SD were getting silly over Caminiti in 96, even worse. Them stupid bitches on "The View" were discussing the case this morning (I don't watch that shit, it was on at the liquor store when i got my smokes this morn), getting themselves in a frenzy "I don't like him, he wasn't sad, so let's kill him. This case is as divisive between the genders as the OJ case was between those with and without melanin. All I know is if you got a third leg, you better do the duck and cover. This "Conner's Law" is horse crap. "But, he killed a baby" they cry. But the baby wasn't born yet! Everyone says it was a baby, but then what is the special word when a lifeform is actually born? This "Conner's Law", making criminal anything that harms the unborn child, I will laugh my fool ass off when this turns and tramples abortion rights and gets women in a backlash uproar. Stupid bitches!
All I can say is I get dismayed at death sentences. And, more importantly, and you can quote me, Laci peterson, the bitch had it coming.

P.S. Amber Frey is a slut. Putting out on the first date, after chapagne and kareoke? She's as much of an easy lay as that magazine slap. I feel for her parents. Definitely more than laci's media whore mom, who should get tips from marc klass

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Your mama

During discussion of botanical psychotropics, the mormon told me to brew up some oleander tea. I told him to go Pogue Mahone