Sunday, October 24, 2004

winds, they are a changing; sand into mud

cabin fever is closely creeping. the first rain of the season struck earlier this week, a storm most powerful. The rain came at such force that it didn't just come down, it bounced back high, got picked up in the winds and went sideways, and sometimes went back up again. Even god was looking for an umbrella. The rain turned into bullets and stung me eyes. Now if I stay on one side of the white line I'll be fine, if only i could find that line. . . (sigh). Cars drive past, hitting the puddle, making waves, right up over me. Now, if I was stoned it would be fun; hell, I was already soaked through me bones. But that was then, this is now.

For fear of another deluge, my new crowned angel and i hid in fear, at home. Not without prepping ourselves. A bottle of Jack and a bottle of peppermint 100 proof, liquor on credit, where did the money go? where did our sensibilities go? In old ancient dusty words, "We drank for escape, now we drink to hold on".


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