Learical Shreiks from the Tower

Sunday, October 24, 2004

winds, they are a changing; sand into mud

cabin fever is closely creeping. the first rain of the season struck earlier this week, a storm most powerful. The rain came at such force that it didn't just come down, it bounced back high, got picked up in the winds and went sideways, and sometimes went back up again. Even god was looking for an umbrella. The rain turned into bullets and stung me eyes. Now if I stay on one side of the white line I'll be fine, if only i could find that line. . . (sigh). Cars drive past, hitting the puddle, making waves, right up over me. Now, if I was stoned it would be fun; hell, I was already soaked through me bones. But that was then, this is now.

For fear of another deluge, my new crowned angel and i hid in fear, at home. Not without prepping ourselves. A bottle of Jack and a bottle of peppermint 100 proof, liquor on credit, where did the money go? where did our sensibilities go? In old ancient dusty words, "We drank for escape, now we drink to hold on".

Monday, October 18, 2004

my location is roughly

37°58'4" North, 122°0'54" West (37.967825, -122.015135

if that makes any sense, lattitude, longitude, and attidute

again, afghanistan . . .

blue67: my dawg!
saul_b22 : sup my dawg
saul_b22 : how are things?
r_blue67: chillin like a villian
saul_b22 : you recouperate yet?
saul_b22 : same here
r_blue67: schemibn like a demon
saul_b22 : yeah...
r_blue67: happy monday
saul_b22 : yeah
saul_b22 : monday evening
saul_b22 : happy monday to you as well
r_blue67: glad to hear you survived the weekend
saul_b22 : yeah sure did
saul_b22 : tomorrow is the big test though
r_blue67: i barely survived, my missus intstilled beer rationing
r_blue67: whats up tomorrow?
saul_b22 : damn
saul_b22 : why was that?
saul_b22 : tomorrow i levae here and go to my site
r_blue67: oh jeez
r_blue67: i tell her, instead of three bottles of beer a night, how about only one bottle of whiskey
r_blue67: no go
saul_b22 : LOL
saul_b22 : that would be the deal of the century
r_blue67: i thjink sosaul_b22 : same here
saul_b22 : great minds must think alike
r_blue67: i heard an interesting story about your neck of the woods
saul_b22 : oh yeah
saul_b22 : what did you hear?
r_blue67: some soldiers, either in iraq or afghan, refused order to do some form of convoy, citing unsafe conditions
saul_b22 : yeah
saul_b22 : that was iraq
r_blue67: ring a bell?
r_blue67: ok
saul_b22 : reservists
saul_b22 : i read about that
saul_b22 : i am going on convoy tomorrow
r_blue67: damnm, them soldiers got balls for denying order
saul_b22 : lord help us
saul_b22 : lol
saul_b22 : i know they do
saul_b22 : and the fuckers took away suplies from units inbedded in the main fighting area
saul_b22 : so they suck
saul_b22 : theywere suppose to do a supply run to these others units
r_blue67: i know the troops are underequipped
saul_b22 : and that is fucked up to leave your brother hanging like that
r_blue67: stories trickle here about how ungodly unarmed and underequipped everyone is out there
r_blue67: yea i guess
saul_b22 : yeah they can say that
saul_b22 : but you know what
r_blue67: what?
r_blue67: but why does the gov. pin soldier vs. soldier
saul_b22 : they shouldn't have left the others out there like that
saul_b22 : don't know...man
saul_b22 : those soldiers should have found a way to fix the things they said dind't work
saul_b22 : and go out there and help there fellow soldiers
saul_b22 : that is my point of view
r_blue67: yea thats true
r_blue67: still i cant imagine tell my superior to jump in a lakelike that
saul_b22 : i know
saul_b22 : i never could have done it in themarines
saul_b22 : and i don't know how they did it there
saul_b22 : that is nuts
r_blue67: how long were you in the marines?
saul_b22 : it is war
saul_b22 : go help your brother out there
r_blue67: yes and it sucks
saul_b22 : no matter what
saul_b22 : that is what soldiers and marines do
saul_b22 : 8 years
r_blue67: christ
saul_b22 : christ? what?
r_blue67: whats your missus think about all this time away from home?
saul_b22 : don't really have one
saul_b22 : i do
saul_b22 : but we are not like super serious
saul_b22 : we know we will be together for a long time
saul_b22 : but she doesn't have time right now to deal with me
saul_b22 : kinda wierd relationship
saul_b22 : if i explained it you would say i was being used
saul_b22 : LOL
r_blue67: i was telling my wife about you and she's like, if i was his wife, i'd yell at him to get his arse home now (she's irish blood too, unfortunately) . . . .and then i knew why you're over there
saul_b22 : LOL
saul_b22 : that is true
saul_b22 : i wish sometimes my "lady" would tel lme to go back
r_blue67: go back home?
saul_b22 : yeah
saul_b22 : to go home...
r_blue67: man, i should't comment on your home life. .. . .
saul_b22 : how so?
r_blue67: kick her out of your home and make a new hjome of yourself to go to
saul_b22 : you haven't said anything
saul_b22 : i know
saul_b22 : but that is it
saul_b22 : she doens't live with me
saul_b22 : it is wierd
saul_b22 : it is like...
saul_b22 : i am there for her 100%
r_blue67: she got any toddlers?
saul_b22 : and she isn't
saul_b22 : no kids from her
r_blue67: good
r_blue67: you and she got masrried right? the ring and all
saul_b22 : no
saul_b22 : not married
saul_b22 : not engaged
saul_b22 : but i love her to death
r_blue67: cuz im not i wife slapper, tho sometimes i oughtr to be, whenever i'm in the corner, i remind her that i'm the MAN
saul_b22 : i really believe she is my true life partner
saul_b22 : and soul mate
r_blue67: oh no!!!!!
saul_b22 : LOL
saul_b22 : you are the man man
r_blue67: the man man? do i dance the can can?
saul_b22 : you could if you would
r_blue67: should i ?
r_blue67: get the ring on her finger asap
saul_b22 : only if you are ready to be rushed by a mob of castro district dudes
r_blue67: romantic love is for twits
saul_b22 : i wish i could
saul_b22 : i am a twit
r_blue67: as much as i love my missus, if i busted out the blarney, "your eyes sparkle like the stars at night", she'd respnd , "i dont want to hear that, i want to hear that you'll pay the utility bill"
saul_b22 : LOL
saul_b22 : that is true
saul_b22 : so true
r_blue67: but then again she's irish and dfon't fall for my romantic spells
saul_b22 : that is true
saul_b22 : no irish lady will
r_blue67: i don't understand, i put on the barry white . . . . .but no
saul_b22 : LOL
saul_b22 : barry is awesome
r_blue67: for rilla!
saul_b22 : you need some diane krall
saul_b22 : she is better
r_blue67: i heard of her
r_blue67: really
saul_b22 : she is awesome
r_blue67: excellent make out music?
saul_b22 : oh damn
r_blue67: ?
saul_b22 : she is like the epiphany (sp?) of love
saul_b22 : and loving music
saul_b22 : smooth jaz...piano....awesome vocals
r_blue67: did you spill a soda on your prized air supply tapes?
saul_b22 : great sounds
saul_b22 : LOL
saul_b22 : tapes?
saul_b22 : lol
r_blue67: vinyl?
saul_b22 : havent even thought of tapes in years
saul_b22 : LOL
saul_b22 : i own vinyl at home
r_blue67: did someone waste tinme and put them on cd?
saul_b22 : don't know
saul_b22 : lol
saul_b22 : air supply
saul_b22 : lol
r_blue67: i'm lost in love
r_blue67: i'm all out of love
r_blue67: i have strange love for the neighbors dog
r_blue67: etc.
saul_b22 : LOL
r_blue67: i need to split, and cleran house, before the missus pulls out the rolling pin
r_blue67: take care of your self sir
saul_b22 : aight
saul_b22 : nice talking to you
saul_b22 : i shall
saul_b22 : you do the same
r_blue67: my prayers go out to you
saul_b22 : smoke for me
r_blue67: for real
r_blue67: late
saul_b22 : thank you
saul_b22 : later