Monday, September 20, 2004

In the Beginning. . .

Friends, Lovers, and Player-hater, Lend me your ears: We are about to embark on a journey. Mystical, Mythical Lands of the Mind. All for Free. Freedom for the world can be done with an individual click of a button. Technology is a new narcotic of society! Possibly because it's so cheap.
No need for an introduction. If you don't know me, then fine.

There's a garden, there's our society, and there's my mind, there might be possibly your's too.
"Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth, I want to be ready"

There'ss a whole lot of ripping off too. I want access to free art. I want to live like a king. I might possibly be willing to share. But there is material that I have no right to hoarding. Such as the Datura or Peer to Peer file sharing.

Posting what i know and what i sense.


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