Thursday, September 23, 2004

here's from a foolio in afghanistan. from my home town traveling to danger. I clicked on him on next blog button

r_blue67 (12:17:25 AM): hey you on? i used to live uin sd, why you going to afghanistan? people get whacked theresaul_b22
(12:18:36 AM): & u r who?
r_blue67 (12:18:58 AM): some stupid knucklehed who came across your
blogsaul_b22 (12:19:09 AM): lol
r_blue67 (12:19:09 AM): i used to live in sd but now live in bay area
r_blue67 (12:19:14 AM): near raifder nation
saul_b22 (12:19:15 AM): glad you found it
r_blue67 (12:19:25 AM): and i came across a post that you were going to afghan
saul_b22 (12:19:30 AM): if you wnat to know why i am here
saul_b22 (12:19:41 AM): RAIDERS FOR LIFE
r_blue67 (12:19:42 AM): i'm silly tonight but i thought that might be danersous stuff
fr_blue67 (12:19:48 AM): wha?? word!!!
!r_blue67 (12:19:55 AM): you there now?
r_blue67 (12:19:59 AM): in afg?
r_blue67 (12:20:07 AM): sorry, i know you must be busy
saul_b22 (12:20:08 AM): i had to come show them out here all about silver and black
saul_b22 (12:20:13 AM): yeah i am here
r_blue67 (12:20:22 AM): oh word! or are you messing with me?
saul_b22 (12:20:23 AM): a little
saul_b22 (12:20:29 AM): nah man
r_blue67 (12:20:44 AM): is it morn there or night (stupid q, sorry)r_blue67 (12:20:50 AM): itsd midnight heresaul_b22 (12:20:55 AM): http://cantbelieveivolunteeredforthis.blogspot.comr_blue67 (12:21:00 AM): just got offf work at alzheimers unit
saul_b22 (12:21:00 AM): afternoon on thursday
saul_b22 (12:21:10 AM): kew
lsaul_b22 (12:21:13 AM): look at the pics
r_blue67 (12:21:15 AM): emotional tonight people dying, but not as insane as yours
saul_b22 (12:21:17 AM): i am her
esaul_b22 (12:21:38 AM): i bet
saul_b22 (12:21:38 AM): it is ok here
r_blue67 (12:21:50 AM): dude, sir, you arwe the mad
r_blue67 (12:21:53 AM): man
saul_b22 (12:21:57 AM): well i have to get should keep up with the site
r_blue67 (12:22:03 AM): k, thanx
saul_b22 (12:22:07 AM): i have good pics in the archives also
saul_b22 (12:22:13 AM): talk to you later
saul_b22 (12:22:14 AM): what isyour name?
r_blue67 (12:22:16 AM): k, bye, kick ass in life
r_blue67 (12:22:23 AM): bye, you r my hero
saul_b22 (12:22:34 AM): lol
saul_b22 (12:22:37 AM): later
r_blue67 (12:22:38 AM): apollo idol prudence
saul_b22 (12:22:50 AM): aight apollo
r_blue67 (12:22:55 AM): aight'
saul_b22 (12:22:56 AM): hasta luego


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