Learical Shreiks from the Tower

Thursday, September 23, 2004

here's from a foolio in afghanistan. from my home town traveling to danger. I clicked on him on next blog button

r_blue67 (12:17:25 AM): hey you on? i used to live uin sd, why you going to afghanistan? people get whacked theresaul_b22
(12:18:36 AM): & u r who?
r_blue67 (12:18:58 AM): some stupid knucklehed who came across your
blogsaul_b22 (12:19:09 AM): lol
r_blue67 (12:19:09 AM): i used to live in sd but now live in bay area
r_blue67 (12:19:14 AM): near raifder nation
saul_b22 (12:19:15 AM): glad you found it
r_blue67 (12:19:25 AM): and i came across a post that you were going to afghan
saul_b22 (12:19:30 AM): if you wnat to know why i am here
saul_b22 (12:19:41 AM): RAIDERS FOR LIFE
r_blue67 (12:19:42 AM): i'm silly tonight but i thought that might be danersous stuff
fr_blue67 (12:19:48 AM): wha?? word!!!
!r_blue67 (12:19:55 AM): you there now?
r_blue67 (12:19:59 AM): in afg?
r_blue67 (12:20:07 AM): sorry, i know you must be busy
saul_b22 (12:20:08 AM): i had to come show them out here all about silver and black
saul_b22 (12:20:13 AM): yeah i am here
r_blue67 (12:20:22 AM): oh word! or are you messing with me?
saul_b22 (12:20:23 AM): a little
saul_b22 (12:20:29 AM): nah man
r_blue67 (12:20:44 AM): is it morn there or night (stupid q, sorry)r_blue67 (12:20:50 AM): itsd midnight heresaul_b22 (12:20:55 AM): http://cantbelieveivolunteeredforthis.blogspot.comr_blue67 (12:21:00 AM): just got offf work at alzheimers unit
saul_b22 (12:21:00 AM): afternoon on thursday
saul_b22 (12:21:10 AM): kew
lsaul_b22 (12:21:13 AM): look at the pics
r_blue67 (12:21:15 AM): emotional tonight people dying, but not as insane as yours
saul_b22 (12:21:17 AM): i am her
esaul_b22 (12:21:38 AM): i bet
saul_b22 (12:21:38 AM): it is ok here
r_blue67 (12:21:50 AM): dude, sir, you arwe the mad
r_blue67 (12:21:53 AM): man
saul_b22 (12:21:57 AM): well i have to get going....you should keep up with the site
r_blue67 (12:22:03 AM): k, thanx
saul_b22 (12:22:07 AM): i have good pics in the archives also
saul_b22 (12:22:13 AM): talk to you later
saul_b22 (12:22:14 AM): what isyour name?
r_blue67 (12:22:16 AM): k, bye, kick ass in life
r_blue67 (12:22:23 AM): bye, you r my hero
saul_b22 (12:22:34 AM): lol
saul_b22 (12:22:37 AM): later
r_blue67 (12:22:38 AM): apollo idol prudence
saul_b22 (12:22:50 AM): aight apollo
r_blue67 (12:22:55 AM): aight'
saul_b22 (12:22:56 AM): hasta luego

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Changling

This morning I planted radishes. Maybe the point of all of this blog is a garden site. Possibly just for me. I write this now, and in 12 months I'll have an idea of what to do again or not, et all. Some about moi'. Many gardens, some in my control, some not, and there is probably grey areas in between. I'll post lattitude and longitutde and measurements and specifics and temperatures et al when I can.
A small vegetable garden, overwrought with bermudza grass. quite depressing. The onset of fall and winter, another depressing topic, with only professioal football to assuage the melancholy.
One of my haunts is an Alzheimer's unit nearby. Today, there is a lady that is dying. I have known her for 2 and a half years. Blind, old, arthritic knees. Her blindess strongly contributed to her dementia, a fear of not knowing where you are walking. Anywho, she's been on Hospice for 18 MONTHS!!! Well, this time she took a dive in health. Bedridden, not eating, skin draping off bones. Everyone's waiting, everyone's talking about her. When will she go? What's she thinking.

who knows

Monday, September 20, 2004

In the Beginning. . .

Friends, Lovers, and Player-hater, Lend me your ears: We are about to embark on a journey. Mystical, Mythical Lands of the Mind. All for Free. Freedom for the world can be done with an individual click of a button. Technology is a new narcotic of society! Possibly because it's so cheap.
No need for an introduction. If you don't know me, then fine.

There's a garden, there's our society, and there's my mind, there might be possibly your's too.
"Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth, I want to be ready"

There'ss a whole lot of ripping off too. I want access to free art. I want to live like a king. I might possibly be willing to share. But there is material that I have no right to hoarding. Such as the Datura or Peer to Peer file sharing.

Posting what i know and what i sense.